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myofascial cross hand release

Myofascial Release

A gentle method of bodywork that reaches into the deep restrictions in connective tissue, yet uses no force.

thai nipple gong - sound therapy

Sound Therapy

Private sessions with gongs, singing bowls, and more, all experienced while resting on an Amethyst Infrared BioMat.

fascia self-care ball

Self-Care Private Instruction

Personal Training for care of your fascial system, teaching self-care techniques that adhere to JFB-MFR principles.

Two-Therapist service.double mfr

Two-Therapist Sessions

Double MFR — experience a synergistic blend of our skills as we work to address deep fascial restrictions in multiple areas at the same time.

Two-Therapist service.gong/mfr

Two-Therapist Sessions

MFR/Sound Therapy — combine these powerful complementary therapies in one session and enhance the benefits of both.


Richway BioMat®

Enhances your session as its amethyst & tourmaline crystals emit infrared heat and healthy negative ions. (option to add-on to MFR)