Self-Care Private Instruction

 To get the most out of your treatment, it is essential for you to learn and
practice myofascial self-care.

A Self-Care Private Instruction session is like personal training for the care of
your fascial system. It’s a 30-minute session focused on self-treatment tools and techniques to suit your individual needs. We work alongside you and demonstrate the proper way to effectively release your own fascia in-between MFR treatments.

In JFB-MFR, there are no treatment protocols because every body and each set of restrictions is individual. The goal is for you to have the tools you need to heal and live well. You will learn HOW to apply the principles of MFR in your own self-care and you’ll find that your body will show you WHERE to treat. 

We follow the principles of John F. Barnes’ MFR, so the treatment methods and tools we use are gentle on the tissue and we never use force.
(This means no foam rolling, lacrosse balls, or blasting of your fascia!)

So much of the information out there on how to treat fascia is wrong,
and some of the tools are even harmful.
Schedule a session to learn more about the right way to take care of your fascia!

Our Favorite Self-Care Tools