Richway Infrared BioMat®

Lying on our Richway Infrared BioMat® during your MFR or Sound Therapy session creates an even more profound experience. This warm mat helps in quieting the mind, recharging depleted cells, and softening restricted tissue. 

Unlike an electric blanket which uses electric coils to create heat, the Biomat® uses a combination of special fabrics and amethyst stones to generate far infrared rays. These rays transfer to the body as heat. Infrared heat warms your whole body, rather than just warming the part of your body that’s in contact with the Biomat®.

Richway Amethyst BioMat®
Richway BioMat®
the layers of the biomat and their benefits
Layers of the BioMat
  1. Far Infrared Rays – The combination of natural amethyst and Hyron cotton layer generates far infrared rays (6-12 microns) that the human body can easily absorb.
  2. Negative ions – Natural tourmaline and the TOCA™ (tourmaline) layer generate negative ions.
  3. EMF – Special layers of fabric in conjunction with the Biomat® EMF Interceptor effectively reduces electromagnetic waves.

Far Infrared Rays
Far infrared rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They provide warmth and relaxation similar to the energy that radiates from the sun. These warming rays increase local circulation and benefit the cells even in the deepest layers of the body. They also help to relax the tissue and relieve pain and discomfort.

Negative Ions
Negative ions are atoms that have a greater number of electrons(-) than protons(+), which result in a negative charge. They are abundant in natural environments such as forests, mountains, waterfalls, and oceans. Negative ions are believed to relieve stress and boost our energy.