About Connective Healing MFR

Our names are Sarah Huskey and Marya Kukura
and we are co-owners of
Connective Healing Myofascial Release.
We believe that the human body has an incredible capacity to heal naturally and we are passionate about our work.

At Connective Healing Myofascial Release, we offer straightforward pricing for our services. And we don’t accept tips.

We are Licensed Massage Therapists with extensive — and ongoing — training in John F. Barnes’ Approach to Myofascial Release. Read our Bios…

Find answers to some common questions about the work we do at Connective Healing MFR.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people with pain and discomfort — on ANY level. Our intention is to share the incredible modalities we have found with as many people as possible and to offer our clients hope and the opportunity to heal — on EVERY level.

Treatment Without Limits

We do not accept insurance. While it would be wonderful to have access to our services without the out-of-pocket cost, keeping the insurance company out of our practice actually allows us to provide more complete care. Without the limitations placed by the insurance company, we can better help you & your system to heal, likely beyond your expectations.